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3 Non-Medication Treatments for Arthritis

If you have arthritis, medication isn’t your only option for symptom relief. Learn about effective non-drug approaches that can help alleviate arthritis pain, stiffness, and other troubling symptoms.

Jun 1st, 2022
How Do Car Accidents Affect the Spine?

Traffic accidents are a major cause of spine trauma and symptoms, such as pain and loss of mobility. Learn about how accidents can harm the spine, and the types of treatments that provide relief.

May 1st, 2022
When to Consider Medication Management

Medication management provides a thorough evaluation of all the medications and supplements you take. Learn about when — and why — you should consider having a full medication evaluation.

Apr 6th, 2022
A Closer Look at Chiropractic Care Treatments

Looking for a pain-relief treatment that delivers big results without drugs or surgery? Chiropractic relieves pain naturally, by aligning vertebrae in your spine. Find out how chiropractic could help you.

Mar 2nd, 2022
Acupuncture: How It Works in Modern Medicine

Although healthcare practitioners have used acupuncture for thousands of years, it is equally valued today by modern medical care providers. Learn about how acupuncture could help you.

Jan 1st, 2022
Why Are Whiplash Symptoms Often Delayed?

Whiplash injuries to the neck and upper back may not cause symptoms right away. But pain, reduced range of motion, and other discomforts may develop later. Learn about how whiplash could impact you.

Dec 7th, 2021
Who Benefits from Trigger Point Injections?

Frustrated with chronic pain that just won’t go away? If your pain is caused by muscle knots, trigger point injections could provide relief. Learn about whether this approach might help alleviate your pain.

Nov 14th, 2021
Overcoming Injuries With Chiropractic Care

From car accidents to sports injuries to everyday strains and sprains, chiropractic care can help you overcome your injuries and feel better faster. Learn what you need to know!

Aug 2nd, 2021