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How Massage Therapy Can Help With Chronic Pain

How Massage Therapy Can Help With Chronic Pain

If you experience chronic pain, you’re not alone. Chronic pain affects more than 20% of American adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

You may think that medication and surgery are the only ways to treat chronic pain. But here’s the good news: Nonsurgical, non-pharmaceutical interventions can be every bit as effective — or in many cases, more effective — than medical treatments.

One such treatment is massage therapy, which is also known as therapeutic massage. Massage therapy can help relieve or even eliminate various types of chronic pain.

Here at Atlas Health Center in San Francisco, California, we provide a range of complementary treatment options for chronic pain, including therapeutic massage therapy. Here, we’d like to tell you about this treatment and how it could help you.

Constant pain

Chronic pain is pain that occurs with regular frequency — every day or several times a week, for example. Acute pain happens as the result of an injury or illness and eventually gets better. But chronic pain lingers for months or years.

Chronic pain has many possible causes. These include:

Relief at the touch of a hand

Massage therapy is a type of body treatment in which an experienced, trained massage therapist manipulates your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue. Your massage therapist uses pressure, movement, and sometimes heat to bring relief to your tissues.

Massage therapy helps by creating physiological responses within your soft tissue. These include:

These responses lead to some important overall benefits on your body. You become more relaxed and less tense. Pain diminishes. Your immune system works better, and you feel less stressed. Your brain releases endorphins, which are your body’s own natural pain-fighting neurochemicals.

Massage therapy can also reduce anxiety and depression in people with chronic pain by promoting the release of dopamine and other brain chemicals that are associated with mood.   

Not just feel-good massage

Any kind of massage feels good and can bring about a sensation of relaxation. Having a massage at a spa, for example, can feel amazing. But that is not therapeutic massage, which is designed to address medical issues. 

For measurable health improvements that effectively address your chronic pain, you do best with therapeutic massage provided by trained massage professionals like those at Atlas Health Center.

As the premiere massage therapy clinic in all of San Francisco, we employ a full-time staff licensed massage practitioners (LMP). Our LMPs are highly trained in using advanced therapeutic massage techniques for chronic pain and other medical conditions.

Find relief for your chronic pain

No matter what the source of your chronic pain, the caring professionals at Atlas Health Center can help. We evaluate your pain and recommend a personalized care plan designed to provide relief fast. In addition to massage therapy, we also offer chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, physical therapy, and trigger point injections for chronic pain and other conditions.

Call our San Francisco office at 415-549-0555 to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online now.

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