When to Consider Medication Management

When to Consider Medication Management

Taking good care of your health involves many different strategies. Naturally, it includes treating illness, disease, and injury. And it also incorporates steps to prevent health problems from occurring in the future.

But you may not realize that another important strategy — medication management — can go a long way toward promoting good health and preventing ill health.

At Atlas Health Center in San Francisco, California, our care providers offer our patients a vital service known as medication management. This service helps ensure that you’re taking the right medications, and that the medications you’re taking provide optimal results.

If you’re unfamiliar with medication management, we invite you to read on. Here, we explain what it is and help you understand when you should consider scheduling a medication management appointment with our providers.

Assessing all your medications

During a medication management appointment, your provider reviews all of your medications. These include over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, as well as supplements, natural treatments, and anything else you take or use for therapeutic purposes.

Your assessment looks at a range of information about all of your medications, including:

Once your provider gathers all this information from you, they evaluate it to determine whether to recommend any changes.

Adjusting your medications

For example, your provider might recommend that you go off medications you no longer need, substitute different medications that may provide better results or fewer side-effects, or fine-tune dosage sizes or timing.

Your provider may even recommend that you replace pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medications with drug-free treatments, such as supplements, chiropractic treatment, or acupuncture.

Finally, if you have trouble adhering to optimal medication recommendations, your provider may suggest changes that help you do a better job of taking your medication as necessary.

When to consider medication management

Although a medication management evaluation makes sense at almost any time of life, some of the best times to do it include:

Schedule your medication management appointment

Our providers would like to help you optimize the safety and effectiveness of any medication you take. To schedule a medication management evaluation, call our San Francisco, California, office at 415-549-0555, or book an appointment online now.

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