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"I went to an orthopedist doctor for 3 years off and on because of pain I had in my hip. I couldn’t walk, sit or sleep because of the pain. I was tired of taking pain medication because it would wear off. When I came to see Dr. Henry he was very gentle and understanding. My pain is gone. I can now walk and sit.."

 Gladys C. (93 years young)


"Before I started chiropractic I use to get migraine headaches all the time. My energy was real low. Since I’ve been under your care I don’t get the headaches anymore. I feel I can also stand for much longer periods without my back getting tired. My posture has definitely improved."

 James M.


"I came to you on the recommendation of my therapist for a problem. I never would have thought of going to a chiropractor for, excessive flatulence. But it was becoming so embarrassing I was willing to try anything. Thank you so much for the great improvement in that department. Along the way, my back and neck hurt less and my posture has improved. I have more energy and am walking more for longer distances. I really appreciate that not only did I get improvement with my original problem, but also got all these great benefits for my overall health. Thank you Dr. O!"

 Rosa Lea R.


"My headaches/migraines are part of my history now. They have left me behind and have let me live a normal LIFE- all thanks to Dr. Henry’s hands and his chiropractic work! I used to have major headaches every single day for years and they would practically last all day. I would basically take 4-8 Advil’s or Tylenol each day- which never helped. I started my treatment with Dr. Henry in mid-2010 and I try to go every Saturday because surprisingly I don’t get headaches anymore and if I do, they are very minimal, maybe once or twice a month and they sure don’t last all day long. I don’t even mind making this weekly drive from Richmond to San Francisco- it is all worth it. I also need to add that Dr. Henry and his staff are friendly and they simply make you feel comfortable every time you set foot in that office. My 4 year old daughter loves to come with me to my visits and she also loves to have Dr. Henry do her adjustments!"

 Kay P.


"When I first saw Dr. Henry I could barely walk as I had major lower back and leg pain due to sciatica. After seeing him for a month on a tri-weekly basis my symptoms had almost disappeared. Over the next several months I’ve noticed an improvement to my scoliosis as well. What I didn’t expect was my overall sense of energy increase and my ability to think more clearly. Henry’s approach to healing from within has changed my life and I will continue to see him on a regular basis to maintain better health. With much gratitude."

 Mera W.


"When I came to see Dr. Henry, I was suffering from tension headaches and lower back pain. For years I was taking medications every night to prevent the headaches, which ruined my day. After a few treatments my headaches are practically gone and I no longer take medication. I have less low back pain and I’m doing things I was unable to do before. I highly recommend Dr. Henry for any problems you may have. Thanks Dr. Henry. You’re the best!"

 Beatrice P.


"Dr. Henry! Thanks so much for helping me with my hip and back. I’ve been suffering with pain and have been unable to play basketball for years. After a great career at University of Hawaii, I had a brief stint with the Houston Rockets. I ended my pro contract after having surgery on my back from a herniated disc while training with weights. I wish I had met you and knew about chiropractic when I had my injury. I truly believe I would have been able to continue playing pro. Thanks for all your help!"

 Pete P.


"I first took my daughter Jennifer to Dr. Henry because she was complaining of lower back pain constantly. At our second visit he told me about her condition and he explained everything so well I was really amazed and felt confident that he would be able to help us. After a couple of weeks of seeing him my daughter’s improvement was incredible. She has a lot more energy, doesn’t complain of back pain any longer, and her whole attitude has changed. She is a happier more upbeat girl since we have been seeing Dr. Henry. She is not constantly in a bad mood any longer. Thanks to Dr. Henry. My youngest daughter and I have also started treatment and we have also seen a whole lot of improvement in our energy levels and overall wellness. The hardest thing of our treatment is keeping up with all of our appointments but it is worth it and in the long run I know I will not regret it. Who would have thought that seeing a Chiropractor would improve life so drastically! Thank you Dr. Henry!"

 Laura G.


"Dr. Henry has taken great care of my debilitating pain! At an early stage I had lost the curve in my neck which kept me from turning my head to the sides and caused me to have migraines that were so bad I could not even stand up. I had carpal tunnel in both my wrists that caused shooting pain, dislocated shoulders that made me scream, sciatic nerve pain that felt as if a knife was stabbing me in my seat and then radiated down the leg, and most painful of all was my L5 raptured disk that made my whole body feel as if someone beat me up. Because of the care and treatment provided by Dr. Henry I am able to work again as a taxicab driver. I can drive now for 11 hours a day 7 days a week."

 Bernardo L.


"Dr. Henry and Chiropractic changed my life! Maybe even saved my life! I was in chronic pain with horrible headaches and debilitating fatigue for 12 years. I was only prescribed strong drugs by my doctors with no other option presented. After several visits with Dr. Henry my whole life changed. I am no longer in chronic pain, I’m sleeping throughout the night. I no longer have those crippling headaches and I noticed I no longer need my reading glasses. My friends have noticed a change in my disposition as I’m back to my regular self. After 12 years of horrendous health, this is truly a miracle."

 Rochelle V.


"With nearly constant headaches and a concern for depression my therapist sent me to Dr. Henry. I was able to feel positive changes within a few short weeks. My headaches were already starting to diminish. Over the next few months the headaches showed up less often, they didn’t last as long, and were less severe. My depression was also fading with the pain. I continued to make progress, getting back movement in my neck I hadn’t had in years. I feel my life has hope now, instead of broken. Thanks Dr. Henry!"

 Janet R.


"Dr. Henry is the best at what he does! I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2001 and had been on medication ever since. I went off my meds while trying to conceive, and shortly after I stopped them I got a sever flare up. Before I met Dr. Henry, I was in a miserable state, with barely any mobility in my joints, had trouble sleeping and lost my appetite, due to the consistent pain, and eventually had the need to use crutches to get around. Thanks to Dr. Henry’s passion and commitment to his chiropractic profession and patience; I have recuperated the mobility in my joints, experience less pain, and to my amazement the chiropractic adjustments have also helped me with other medical conditions like hemorrhoids and intestinal issues. Dr. Henry has given me back my health to be able to focus back on the life I had before the flare up, but better this time, without medication. Thank you Dr. Henry, and thank God for Chiropractic."

 Patty A.


"Dr. Henry when I first came to see you I was in pretty bad shape and I had a lot of low back pain. I could barely walk. There has been a world of improvement and I’m now able to do the things I love to do, like golf. I’m off all meds and have really have really come a long ways. Thanks again!!"

 Brian H.


"Dr. Henry, I’d first like to say thank you for getting my body and mind back on track. I had been suffering from back pain, insomnia, low energy and overall sadness when you started treating me, and I can honestly say that you have cured me. It had been about 15 years since I had seen a chiropractor and I had forgotten the powerful healing that can be achieved by listening to our body, and going to see someone who knows how to heal. You’ve really made a huge impact on my health and I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have been treated by you! You are truly a miracle worker. To ensure that my body and mind keep tuned up, I will definitely continue to be treated by you periodically to ensure that my body continues to perform as a well-oiled machine. Once again, I cannot thank you enough!"

 Julian K.


"Headaches had become a part of my daily life before coming to see Dr. Henry. Almost every day without fail, I would get an excruciating migraine. The headaches were so bad, they stopped me in my tracks and I was prevented from doing anything short of lying in bed with my eyes closed. I had been to see my regular physician as well as a neurologist in the past, which did extensive tests to find out where the headaches were coming from, but were unable to determine a cause. After deciding some time ago not to take prescribed drugs, I had just learned to cope as best I could with migraines. As a law student this was not always easy because I had many things that I had to get done, migraine or no migraine. It was second semester in my first year of law school, when I began to see Dr. Henry. The migraines did not go away immediately and for the first few weeks it seemed that not much had changed. But over time the headaches got to be less and less frequent so that now, although I do still get the occasional headache, they are nothing compared to how terrible they used to be and it is actually quite unusual to have a headache at all. At first, I was a little hesitant to make such a long term commitment to chiropractic care, especially because as a student, I have little money or time to spare. But listening to my body and putting my health first was definitely the right choice. Thank you Dr. Henry!"

 Kara S.


"Dear Dr. O, Before I first came to see you, I had tried what I thought were all the avenues open to me to find relief from intense back pain. A friend, who had obtained relief from a similar condition under your care, suggested I visit you. At the time I was in constant pain, barely able to walk, unable to go up and down stairs. You determined this was caused by degeneration of several discs in my lower spine. Though I was highly skeptical of chiropractic, under your care I became a convert. It sure beat the only alternative offered by the orthopedists, which was to receive an occasional shot in my spine to reduce the pain. That treatment, unlike yours, would have done nothing to solve the actual cause of the problem. I want to take the opportunity to thank you not only for the tremendous relief you have brought me, but for your obvious caring and concern for me. "

 Irwin H.


"In April of this year, I began to have intense sciatic nerve pain. I could barely walk for short periods of time without enduring knife-like pain radiating down my left leg. After seeing two other chiropractors, I was not better off. I even had thoughts that I might never recover from the pain. Then in August, a friend referred me to Dr. Henry. Immediately, I sensed he could help, so I made a commitment to start seeing him for treatments even though I’ve had to make a 65 mile round trip each visit. It has been worth the effort, thanks Dr. Henry. I received outstanding treatment and health advice. I highly recommend his experience and dedication. It’s been a slow healing process and I’ve endured some good days with some bad days, however, I’m well on the road to recovery. Dr. Henry and I are completely confident my discs will eventually heal completely. He has a great staff who are efficient in getting you in and out and on your way to a healthier life."

 Brian H.


"In April of 2007 my back was injured when the MUNI train that I was riding in lost its breaks and rear ended the MUNI train in front of mine. It’s sad to say that my back injury was rather substantial. Happily, I was referred to Dr. Henry Oyharcabal and I started my back treatments one month ago and progress is being made. On each visit, I am encouraged when I notice a difference for the better. After having quit smoking, approximately 1 ½ years ago, I was diagnosed with a mild case of emphysema. My doctor had put me on an inhaler medication (two puffs 4 times daily). Two weeks ago, it dawned on me that my breathing was not labored, nor had I been using my inhaler. Recently, I saw my doctor and I told her about this new development regarding my amazing lack of need for my inhaler. She was confounded. I mentioned to her that my neck and back adjustments had had a powerful effect on my overall well-being. Noticing the expression on her face I realized that I hadn’t made a convert of her. I simply must thank Dr. Oyharcabal for being such a wonderful man, on many levels, and for making my visits with him such a wonderful experience."

 Cynthia F.


"Three months ago, I wouldn’t have dared to plan a trip as far as South America (Chile) to visit relatives, due to severe pain on my left leg. Due to my daughter, Vanessa’s recommendation and with your program, I was more than surprised to feel I could stand and walk for longer periods each day. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a one all thanks to your fabulous care. An added bonus is that my whole body feels flexible. I encourage everyone to follow your advice and to be consistent with the process. Want proof? I’m writing to give you my heartfelt thanks from Chile. I definitely intend to continue upon my return."

 Jim F.


"Chiropractic has changed my life. Suffering from Fibromyalgia, I used to be stuck in bed. I can do more things now. Now I can actually cook, clean, drive and do things I wasn’t able to do before. Because there is less pressure in my spine, I feel that I am walking straighter with more ease. I used to have to rely on a walker and cane which I don’t need now. My energy is better. Even my mood is better. I feel I’ve gotten my life back. I’m blessed and grateful to have been able to come to this office, which has changed my life. Thank You!"

 Michelle J.


"I recently had a horrific bicycle accident that fractured my second cervical vertebrae. I had also cracked a rib and separated a shoulder. Along with my orthopedist and physical therapists, Dr. Henry is playing a big part of this healing process. His expertise in soft tissue injuries really makes a difference. By the way, I myself am a practicing medical doctor who comes to Dr. Henry's office via a referral from several of his patients. His adjustments and myofascial release technique are second to none."

 Dr. Joerg W.


"I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light... the pain in my neck became quite unbearable. Atlas Health Center was able to get me in right away. Dr. Henry skillfully diagnosed my problem and helped me that very same day. I like the fact that they are about treating the problem and not about drugging me up like other doctors. I appreciate that they have a great team of chiropractors and massage therapists that gave me the best care possible. I highly recommend them."

 Stan T.


"Dr Henry and team are the best in the business! I go nowhere else. No matter what the issue Dr. Henry knows exactly what to do. The quality of care and the reliability of service is fantastic. They can always fit me in whenever I need to go and I very much appreciate that having a very tight schedule most of the time."

 Tim H.


"Certainly the most thorough exam and specialized testing I've ever had. I had seen various doctors for the burning pain I had after my whiplash. Most of them thought it was in my imagination. Dr. Henry was able to pin point the problem. His medical and legal expertise also really helped support my case, which worked out well. I've also have never felt better, the burning sensation is gone!"

 Aaron P.


"I've been seeing Dr Henry for lower back pain for about 8 years, I think he's great! I see him once or twice a month for a back tune up - I used to be incapacitated once or twice a year when it went out, but I've been pretty much ok since I started going to Dr Henry - maybe one or two flare ups total over the 8 years. I just live a few blocks away so it's also super convenient for me."

 Tim H.


"Dr Henry is the Best. I was skeptical about chiropractors in the past but this place has definitely made me a believer. I saw Dr Henry a couple years ago because of some whiplash that I experienced when a wave crashed on my back. I felt like new within 48 hours of my visit. I'm going today to visit Dr Mike because Dr Henry wasn't available today but I'm hoping Dr Mike is just as good."

 Ernesto D.


"Dr Henry came highly recommended by my physical therapist after all methods of western medicine failed to fix my back. Everyone at this practice is excellent!"

 Virginia F.


"Dr. Mike Shifrin is a MIRACLE WORKER!! I had terrible whiplash from a surfing accident and was having dizzy spells and would almost blackout every time I turned my head to the right- it was so scary and as a nurse working 12 hour shifts I could not function like this. Dr. Mike fit me in last minute as a brand new patient. He took x-rays and determined that I was experiencing cervical vertigo and after only ONE adjustment my dizzy spells and blackouts immediately STOPPED!! I was so amazed and will continue to see Dr. Mike to get back in alignment- He is a true healer and I am so grateful for his chiropractic care."

 Rebeka Y.


"I been having a serious Neck pain recently and today I was seen by doctor Henry Oyharcabal at his San Francisco office . After his treatment I can not believe how much better I feel he really did excellent treatment and the pain is now gone and I feel great. Thank you doctor Henry for helping me and making feel great again."

 Mo M.


"My wife threw out her back while on a trip to San Francisco, and I messaged a dozen chiropractors for help. Thankfully Atlas got back to me quickly and really helped her back issues. Convenient location and very professional, so glad we found them."

 Laura G.


"A review that's well over due, better late than never. My parents recommended my wife and I to come see Dr. Henry and I have to say that he's the best, hands down! I have a compressed lower vertebrae and he's worked a miracle to get me re-aligned and back to normal, I used to have sharp shooting pains, wasn't able to sit for a long time and at times even had trouble walking. Dr. Henry got me back to normal to where I was able to even get back into the gym to lift weights. He's also helped my wife with her back and neck so she could sleep easier. Thank you Dr. Henry for everything, my wife and I will keep coming back to you until you retire :)"

 Roman L.


"Dr. Henry Oyharçabal is an incredible Chiropractor! Dr. O is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable professional. He does impeccable and thorough work at each visit. No shortcuts! After only 4 visits I am getting great results. I am feeling so much better! Everyone in the office is very kind, courteous and professional. I feel very well taken care of. Thank you!!"

 Claudia B.


"A few simple words can't really express how happy and grateful I am to have started chiropractic work with Dr. Henry. Not only was he able to make me feel extremely comfortable (being a lifelong skeptic) with what chiropractic services provide, he was also extremely educational throughout the whole process. I now know way more about my health and spine than I ever thought before. Highly, highly recommended!"

 Carlos C.


"My husband had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Henry, and told me that I should go see him since I have scoliosis. I've never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Henry made my first visit so comfortable! He is very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable! I always assumed you didn't need to go to the chiropractor unless you had back pain, or got in a car accident or something, but I think EVERYONE should see a chiropractor! Seeing Dr. Henry was a huge learning experience and I didn't realize how much of a role the spine plays on your nervous system, and your entire body in general! I learned that my neck needs to be straightened out since my spine is curved so Dr. Henry gave me adjustments which were quick and painless. BUT the biggest reason for my review is that Dr. Henry unexpectedly changed my life after my first visit. I've been battling Restless Leg Syndrome for the past 5+ years and have been absolutely miserable. I am not able to sleep, or sit for long amounts of time without my legs twitching or shaking. After numerous visits to the doctor, various vitamins, sleep aids, a sleep study, compression socks, etc....nothing worked and I eventually accepted that I would have RLS forever. But after my first visit with Dr. Henry, my Restless Leg Syndrome VANISHED! My legs have not shaken or twitched once ever since I saw him! I am finally able to sit on planes, in movie theaters, more importantly I am able to SLEEP without being interrupted by my legs! I am so so thankful that I went to see him and am looking forward to my health being improved! Dr. Henry is amazing!"

 Chisholm T..


"I've never gone to a chiropractor before, but I had sharp lower neck pain from what I'm guessing was hunching over too much over the computer all day (life of a software engineer...), so I decided to give chiropractic a try. After a few adjustments from Dr. Henry, the pain went away. It still aches a bit sometimes, but I haven't felt that sharp pain I used to feel anymore and that was more than what I could have asked for. I even waited about a month after my last visit to see if my symptoms would return before writing this review, but nope! I'm still good! I miiiight have had better results if I actually continued his program for the whole 8 weeks that he recommended, but I felt well enough after 4 weeks and decided to just stick with that for now. I definitely recommend this place!"

 Granger L.


"I've known Dr. Henry now for over 7 years. He is a wonderful, patient, and thorough chiropractor who gives healing adjustments. His staff is very friendly and helpful too. Dr. Henry is also very generous, as he volunteers around the community. I highly recommend Dr. Henry and Atlas Health Center for care if you're feeling any sort of dis-ease in your body. Not a lot of chiropractors take insurance and it's nice to know good ones like Dr. Henry do. Thank you for your work and ongoing commitment to integrity"

 S A.


"I have been seeing dr.O for almost 10 years. I have lived all over country, and I still come back as soon as I can... At least a few times a yearEven though I now live on east coast. I have tried Several other chiropractors, and none of them even comes close to the same level of care and treatment. I had severe pain from a car accident and through regular treatment am pain free."

 Nancy D.


"I highly recommend Dr Henry. I've been to many chiros, masseuses etc and he has been at the top of the list. I have had neck issues for a while from sports injuries and sitting at a desk all day, he has helped me immensely, he's also a really nice guy. The front desk folks are really pleasant and helpful also."

 Terence T.


"Dr Henry knows what he is doing. Truly a pro. Our relationship lasts only as long as our my adjustments but I still feel like he cares."

 Tom B.


"Dr Henry and his staff are so great! I love his philosophy. I came here after having two concussions and I started with having head aches every day. After just a few visits they started going away and within a month they were completely gone! Definitely the place you need to go for chiropractic care"

 Ashley J.



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