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Dr. Mike Shifrin, DC

Dr. Mike Shifrin, DC, DC

Dr. Mike Shifrin, DC began having low back pain that radiated into his knee while he was a student at Penn State University. The low back pain would only happen while he was driving and he did not know what was causing it. He tried many different things to help with the pain, including medication, various creams, hot/cold patches, and placing pads behind his back while driving. Nothing seemed to work. Dr. Shifrin didn’t want to go see a doctor about this out of fear of them suggesting surgery or heavy medication. At the time, Dr. Shifrin’s mother was going to a chiropractor for headaches that she had been dealing with. She suggested that he go see a chiropractor. Although he had never been to a chiropractor and barely knew what they did, he wanted a solution for the pain. The chiropractor that helped Dr. Shifrin was very helpful in explaining what was going on with his back, and the chiropractor even explained what he wanted to do to help Dr. Shifrin’s pain.

Within three visits, Dr. Shifrin’s back and knee pain were gone and they never returned. The chiropractor that helped used to be a powerlifter and bodybuilder when he was younger, and he was able to relate to Dr. Shifrin with all the injuries he had sustained through working out. That’s when Dr. Shifrin saw himself in the chiropractor’s shoes. That’s when he began setting his sights on becoming a chiropractor.

After Dr. Shifrin graduated, he attended the New York Chiropractic College to obtain the necessary tools and education needed to help others in the same way he was helped.

“I believe all things happen for a reason and without the back pain I had, I would not be where I am this day.” —Dr. Mike Shirfrin