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Atlas Health Center

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Are You Looking to Find a Chiropractor in San Francisco, CA?

Atlas Health Center in San Francisco, California, provides integrative and holistic treatment options for residents of all ages to address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Henry Oyharcabal, DC, and the team specialize in treating whiplash and other auto injuries, degenerative diseases, and injuries that cause persistent pain. The Bay Area office is fully equipped with digital X-rays and other technologies to give patients fast diagnostic results.

Dr. Oyharcabal values the benefits of chiropractic care and other natural paths to wellness. A native San Franciscan, he graduated from the University of San Francisco and earned his doctorate in chiropractic at Life West University in Hayward, California. Dr. Oyharcabal spent two years mentoring in Arizona at one of the largest practices in the country. He founded Atlas Health Center in 1992 to restore patient health and support all aspects of their well-being.

In addition to chiropractic care, the team at Atlas Health Center provides on-site massage therapyphysical therapy, and acupuncture services. These holistic therapies help patients recover more efficiently from painful injuries and also support their long-term health and wellness.

Atlas Health Center is certified by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego for the case management of whiplash. Dr. Oyharcabal also serves as the chiropractor for the San Francisco Bay Area Pro-Am Basketball League, which showcases the talents of local professional and college players.

If you’re looking for holistic solutions to manage chronic pain and improve your long-term health, schedule a consultation at Atlas Health Center today using the online booking feature or by calling the San Francisco office.

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Words from our patients

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    "Atlas Heath Center is the best place yet that when it comes to communicating , they are very polite, caring and professional."

    Gregwest W.
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    "My husband and I go see Dr. Henry once a week for adjustments due to sciatica and severe back pain. I don’t trust anyone but him."

    Kaye D.
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    "Dr. Henry is AWESOME! He has a healing hand that can heal any pain. The staffs were friendly and knowledgeable."

    May L.
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    "I have been seeing Dr Henry for, at the least, 20 years for various injuries and pain. The staff does a great job managing a busy office too!"

    Jude S.
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    "Very professional and friendly environment, my husband John and father in law had wonderful experience after a car accident. Highly recommend!"

    Ling J.
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    "I’ve been seeing Dr Henry for years and he’s fixed all kinds of problems from various sports injuries. (SI joint, pinched nerves, etc.)."

    Chrishara H.
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    "Great place very professional , knowledgeable and friendly. I wish I would of known of their services sooner."

    Daniel P.
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    "Incredible and professional services from Dr. Henry. I love his sense of humor and professionalism he is strong enough to adjust my back and relieve my back pain. "

    Firuz N.
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    "Knowledgeable staff made huge positive differences in my accident recovery."

    Adan H.
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    "Dr. Henry and his fellow practitioners and staff are efficient and professional and never asked me to do anything more than what they really think will benefit me."

    Brian L.
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